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Therapeutic Massage  

Massage Therapy has been found to benefit a number of health concerns.  It improves circulation, increases the rate at which waste products are removed from the body, improves flexibility and can ease chronic pain caused by certain ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Besides this, massage creates a feeling of all-over  relaxation thus reducing stress levels, which are know to aggravate many health conditions. 

Massage is considered to be a non-invasive therapy, working effectively with the systems of the body.  A variety of techniques have been developed over centuries and are known to benefit all of the systems at work in the body.  

A massage treatment does not necessarily consist of one type of massage.  Based upon your health history and needs at the time of your appointment, a Massage Therapist may combine a number of techniques which will best suit you.  In order to provide you with more information regarding massage, a listing of some massage methods is provided below.


Swedish Massage - A basis for all other techniques, it increase circulation, warms muscle tissue in preparation for other techniques.  A Good first time treatment!

Deep Tissue Massage-This is very similar to Swedish Massage.  Deep Tissue Massage goes deeper into the muscle tissue, tendons and fascia  and is therefore more effective in releasing chronic muscle tension. 

Neuromuscular Therapy - Follows the nerve pathways of the body, working directly with the central nervous system.  Balances nerve functioning in muscle tissues.  Works well with chiropractic care. This is also known as Trigger Point Therapy. 

Trigger Point Therapy - Muscle palpitation for localized and referred sensitivity in a muscle belly.  Direct pressure is applied to this region for a short period until tenderness subsides.    

Reiki-Based on ancient healing principles, Reiki was further developed by a Buddhist monk in Japan.  When translated, Reiki means Universal Life Energy, which when applied as a technique, can create balance and harmony.  Sessions generally last about one hour and individuals remain fully clothed and reclined in a relaxed environment.  Reiki practitioners will place their hands randomly on the body or where the client may have previously diagnosed health issues or pain.  These areas are the energy centers within the body.  The desired effect is to create a balance within the energies of the body, which will in turn "affect the body as a whole".  Reiki is now widely used and accepted within the medical community and has been incorporated into various treatment programs for the relief of chronic illness and pain management. 

Cranial Sacral Therapy-This is a method for detecting the motion of Cranial Sacral system and assessing for imbalance within the body.  Gentle touch is used to palpate certain areas of the body in an effort to evaluate various aspects of the Cranial Sacral Rhythm.  This movement is created by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid within the Dura Mater and the spinal cord.  Dura Mater is the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord.   The Practitioner follows a specific protocol, beginning with a process for evaluation of the cranial sacral system.  Should any imbalance or restriction present itself, the therapy is then applied.  

Think of the Dura Mater as hose, the cranial sacral fluid as the water in that hose.  Restrictions in the hose stop the water from flowing freely.  By taking the 'kinks' or restrictions out of the hose or the Dura Mater, the cranial sacral  fluid flows more naturally.  This results in a more efficient and healthier you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Cranial Sacral Therapy can used to help a wide spectrum of issues. The practitioner puts the intentions of what the body needs to heal or correct for optimal health first. The practitioners goal is to set the body up to heal itself, to self correct and ultimately for the body to be in a state of optimal health.  

Cranial Sacral Therapy, CST, can be combined with any other form of bodywork or used independently. If only CST is performed on the client, the client remains fully clothed in a reclined position in a relaxed environment. The practitioner places their hands on the body but concentrating on the areas between the sacrum, (the tail bone), and the occiput, (the back of the head.) 


Myofascial Release - A good treatment for athletes and weekend warriors alike! Excellent for pain issues.  Deep pressure and knuckling strokes, along with specific muscle stretching are used.


Hydrotherapy Treatments - This is a broad term, used to describe a number of therapies that were developed to stimulate and balance the various systems of the body.  Most of the treatments themselves require the use of water.  Examples of this are hot stone massage, the use of moist hot packs, ice packs, salt glows, herbal wraps.


I  use pesticide free Jojoba oil but may use other organic oils and lotions. 

The word jojoba, ( pronounced oh-OH-ba), refers both to the desert plant and to the extract obtained from its seed.  Despite commonly being referred to as 'jojoba oil' it is not an oil because it does not contain triglycerides. There is no scent to jojoba, and it is plant based with no petrochemicals or chemicals of any sort in the product.  The jojoba I use is 100% USDA pesticide free.   It is not greasy and is easily absorbed by your skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and conditioned; not greasy, oily or sticky. 

 It is non-allergenic because it is a liquid ester akin to the esters produced by our own skin. It does not clog pores  It is produced in a factory that is 100% dedicated to only jojoba production.


Feel free to browse my website to learn more about massage &  bodywork, to make an appointment, benefits of massage, get rates and directions,  testimonials, FAQs and more.