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Mary DeLong, BS, LMT 

Hi!  My name is Mary and I love this work!  I feel I am truly blessed to be one of those people who are doing the work they truly love.  Each client is a gift in my own professional, spiritual and personal life path.  I learn much from all of them!   

My philosophy is to treat each client as an individual. Each session is tailored for my client's needs that day combined with taking steps toward their long term goals.  No two sessions will be exactly the same.  I do not do a one size fits all massage.  I use a combination of my skills to reach those goals.  I may use swedish, trigger point and reiki all in the same session.   

I went into this work because of my son Ian, who is  now 23 years old and has studied commercial beekeeping in Canada. He is now almost finished with his accounting degree.  (Boy time flies!) Ian was verbally dyspraxic, he had 10 words at 1.5 years old and  didn't speak 3 or 4 word phrases until he was nearly 3 years old; has sensory integration issues, has central auditory processing issues, has dyslexia,-(he refers to himself as a reformed dyslexic and is an avid reader of non-fiction!) -high functioning autism/asperger's syndrome and is gifted.  (If you would like information on any or all of these issues, please feel free to text me.) 

When he was a toddler,  early intervention provided by the state of Massachusetts failed us and I was sent on a search to resolve his issues. I left no stone unturned.  Under one of those stones I found Cranial Sacral Therapy.  I took my son at about age 2.5 to see an osteopath that performed this work.  I saw undeniable changes in my son's speech, as did his speech therapist.  After the 3rd or 4th appointment, as I was pulling out of the doctor's parking lot, Ian said his first four word phrase: "that way is home."  I promptly pulled over next to the tree I nearly hit and made a big fuss over those 4 simple words! I was also amazed that he knew which way to go home!

We have had the same luck in resolving his sensory integration issues and other issues.  I was so amazed at the gentleness of the work, how powerful it was, that I made some calls about how I as a parent of a special needs child could take a class at the Upledger Institute who is the world wide leader in cranial sacral education.  The more I learned, the more I needed to know, and the more I wanted to share this with others. I clearly knew that I finally found my calling and path in life.  

We moved to NH. I needed a health license or be a reverend to practice massage or any type of work were I would touch people and be paid.  I went to massage school at New Hampshire Community College in Nashua to obtain that license.  I graduated in 2004. As they say, the rest is history.  Now we know that the universe works in mysterious ways and this is proof of that!.  My son has changed my life in more ways than he will ever know or understand. 

I have a yellow Labrador retriever mix named Gracie,  who is almost 2  years old.  (whe maybe a Chi-labrador...a chihuahua labrador mix, I cant explain  that combination!!)  Gracie is special needs dog.  She was a stray in South Carolina where she was hit by a car.  As a result her left front leg was amputated in March of 2018.  Her tongue is also too big for her mouth.  We dont' know if this is genetic or a result of being hit.  Neither issue seems to slow her down in getting around or eating.      Our watch dog is  Jethro AKA Jet, Jet Blue, Blue and the ever popular Beany Weinie,  an 8 year old blue and tan  tweenie sized dachshund. (Well, he was a tweenie sized dachshund until my husband started feeding him!) Both are rescues and yes they both get massaged!

I am married to David, the man I plan to grow old with! We eloped on St. Paddy's Day 2012!